About Sarita Waich

The team behind each SW Jewelry piece has its origins more than twenty-five years ago, when a young entrepreneur Sarita Waich, also mother and spouse, with a formal background in Interior Design and previous experience selling home decor and fine jewelry, ventures into the world of handmade jewelry after winning a bet to a friend, making the statement that she could create an even more beautiful necklace than the one her friend was going to buy. 

 She grew so successful, that more friends and acquaintances began to order similar jewels, which at that time were completely handmade by the designer, being the “choker” necklace her signature piece due to its originality and avant-garde design. 

 It was at that moment when she discovered the path of her inspiration that led her to develop a profound passion for designing and manufacturing jewelry, with the most authentic joy and personal gratification. 

 Already installed in her new role as an established jewelry designer, Sarita decided to deepen her skills in the arts of jewelry making by pursuing various courses and internships with field professionals, professors, jewelers, designers, and gemologists, which alongside her natural curiosity and her travels to multiple countries nurturing herself from diverse cultures, has contributed to achieving a vast knowledge of this exclusive world allowing herself to build her own design criteria and brand aesthetic. 

 The creative process of SW Jewelry is constantly evolving by staying up to date with the latest technologies in the development and manufacturing of each jewel. At the Caracas and Miami Ateliers, she works with a highly qualified team of artisans specialized in the different processes of jewelry making, many of them still focused on the art of craftsmanship, but supported by modern methods that use microscopic and laser techniques, following the designer’s instructions and patterns.  

 It is this integration of new technologies with the old and traditional methods of jewelry fabrication that defines the true essence of SW Jewelry, where the craftsmanship of the designs alongside the customization of each piece and the selection of exclusive precious stones, brings to life a unique, modern and versatile proposal that lasts in time.  

 The most exclusive designs that belong to the SW Collection luxury line are highly requested for special occasion events like weddings (by brides, mother of the bride), Brit Milah, Bar Mitzvah, Communions, Graduations, and other family celebrations.  

 One of her great qualities when designing her costume-made collection is her intuition and fast ability to analyze her client, establishing a personal connection that not only elevates the client’s physical attributes but also resonates with her tastes, psychology, and personality. Immersing together into a design experience where the final result is a one of a kind piece.

 This has allowed Sarita to progressively build throughout the years a prestigious clientele, not only in Venezuela (where she began her career), but in other countries. Today SW Jewelry is based in Miami, Florida, receiving orders from USA, Canada, Israel, Panamá, España, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Francia, Suiza, among others.

 At the same time, a more commercial line consolidates, bringing trendy, dynamic, and youthful designs that combine materials like leather, nacar, lacquer, pearls, gold, and precious stones to fulfill the needs of the woman that wants to show herself elegantly in her everyday life. 

 SW Jewelry began as a family company with a team that has been growing throughout the years combining the expertise and the trajectory of people in the industry, with the freshness of young talent that keeps bringing new ideas and challenges daily, maintaining an interesting and balanced working environment where the principles of diversity, respect, and traditions are always present as the core values of the company.